Enjoy the freedom of recording your handwritten notes and diagrams anywhere with the MNT-101 Mobile Note Taker, by OLIN.

This innovative device features a small LCD scanner that clips on to the top of your ordinary A4 note book or paper and scans whilst you write using the specially designed pen provided.

The MNT-101 Mobile Note Taker can record up to 100 A4 pages whilst mobile and when you have finished writing, simply connect the base scanner to your computer using the USB cable provided and the Note Manager will upload your work.

Then, you can convert your words to text and export to either a WORD document or Text file for editing. The intuitive software adapts to your style of writing and allows you to edit and define words to build a recognized personal vocabulary.

Diagrams and drawings can be converted to JPEG images, Word Objects and PDF files. The MNT-101 Mobile Note Taker is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and MAC (MAC software download available from our site).

The versatile MNT-101 Mobile Note Taker can also be used inline with your PC. Perfect for meetings or lectures, simply plug in the scanner base and write in real-time or convert your pen into a handy cordless mouse!

The MNT101- Mobile Note Taker pen uses a replaceable ball-pen ink refill and can write like a regular pen on any standard paper. The unit comes with everything you need to get mobile, including: Batteries for the pen, USB cable, base scanner, pen and Note Taker software.

For more details visit: www.olinstyle.com