By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Logitech has today confirmed its support for the NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarships, with the announcement of two $10,000 scholarships.

The Logitech New and Emerging Technologies Scholarships will fund “the study and investigation of new and emerging technologies and how they can be applied to foster innovative teaching practices,” according to a Logitech spokesperson.

The scholarships are open to all primary, secondary and TAFE NSW teachers, and are designed to “fund travel to universities, schools and educational institutions for the study of exemplary practice in new and emerging technologies”.

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Director of Logitech Australia, George Saad, has affirmed his support for the use of technology in schools.

“As technology becomes increasingly incorporated into the classroom it is important that teachers at all levels understand how to best integrate this new technology into the teaching and learning process,” said Saad.

“These scholarships are a step towards Logitech’s goal of helping teachers make the use of technology more engaging, valuable and productive which will ultimately contribute to improved educational outcomes.”

Winners are due to be announced in Term Three, 2011.