By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The BSR Group has today launched Betta Electrical’s online store, with the group running a potentially $1 million competition to promote the new site.

Not only can customers purchase direct from Betta on this central site, there are also online rental and finance options. Consumers can choose between picking up at a store or home delivery.

Unlike other Clicks and Mortar operators, such as The Good Guys, Betta does not quote delivery pricing on its site, with consumers having to ring up their local store for a quote. Alternatively, if a consumer chooses delivery, the nearest store will call them after the transaction is processed, telling them how much delivery will cost.

A quick and incomplete survey of products on the Betta site indicates that goods are being offered at or slightly below RRP.

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Discussing Betta’s new online proposition is CEO Graeme Cunningham.

“E-commerce will certainly prove fundamental for the ongoing development of retailers within our industry,” Cunningham said. “Much comment has been made regarding e-commerce and its benefits for metro-based shoppers. However, SMEs within our industry, especially those based within regional areas, have lagged behind in their adoption of e-commerce.

“Through our new model, online engagement and e-commerce offers Betta Electrical enormous benefits within three key areas: logistics [and] administration systems, supplier partnerships and, of course, direct sales and marketing benefits.

“Our team is firmly focused on fulfilling these key objectives and achieving further market penetration and increased consumer engagement.”

To promote the new website, Betta Electrical is offering all consumers both in-store and online the chance to win $1 million. Everyone who purchases a product from Betta before the end of June will go into a draw. The winner chosen from this draw will then have a 1 in 100 chance of winning $1 million and a 99 in 100 chance of winning $10,000. As with all these competitions, check the terms and conditions for all the finer details.