What CES visitors can expect to see this week.

Samsung will showcase its 2016 smart TV line-up which contains SmartThings sensors, making it Internet of Things (IoT)-compatible, following its acquisition of SmartThings in 2014. This will enable users to connect, manage and control their smart devices and IoT services.

samsung tv

“With Samsung Smart TVs working with the SmartThings technology, we have an opportunity to reach millions of households,” SmartThings CEO and co-founder, Alex Hawkinson said.

“Applying this technology into current household devices is a major step forwards that will make it much easier for everyone to experience the benefits of a smart home,” he said.

LG Electronics will also be showcasing its newest and highly innovative Ultra HD TV products. the “LG SUPER UHD” range expected to take centre stage. Leading the company’s premium line of 4K Ultra HD TV offerings will be the 65-inch UH9500 and 86-inch UH9550 SUPER UHD TVs and the 65-inch UH8500 and 75-inch UH8550. The premium LG SUPER UHD TV models offer expanded colour reproduction rate, advanced picture and sound-enhancing features including HDR (high dynamic range) and the alluring LG ULTRA Slim design.

“We are confident our newest HDR-enabled SUPER UHD TVs in 2016 will generate much excitement not just in the industry, but also with consumers in general,” LG Home Entertainment president and CEO, Brian Kwon said. “We are the only company with a dual strategy focused on both OLED and IPS TV technologies and this is proof that we are not prioritising one display technology over the other.”

LG will also unveil its most advanced dishwasher to date, featuring TrueSteam and MultiMotion technology.

The LG TrueSteam technology helps provide users with fewer water spots as it is designed to eliminate tough food residue. MultiMotion uses an innovative wash arm to deliver powerful and fast wash cycles, combining a circular sweeping action with a bi-directional spin. The technology allows a full cycle to be completed in 59 minutes.

Equipped with smart functions, the dishwasher allows users to download customised cycles from the LG website and to notify them when it needs to be cleaned. It also comes with Smart Diagnosis™ so customer service representatives can troubleshoot mechanical issues remotely.

“We have gone to great lengths at LG to develop a dishwasher that will help give customers the peace of mind they appreciate from home appliances. Homeowners can feel confident trusting the dishwasher with their tableware,” LG Electronics CEO and president, Jo Seong-jin said.