Glem Gas is introducing a new 60cm induction cooktop GLINDPS with a max consumption of 2200W designed for consumers wanting to make the switch from gas to induction. Most induction cooktops require a power supply in excess of 7000W.

In some homes, making the switch to electric from gas requires a rewiring of the circuit but with the GLINDPS induction cooktop, it can be plugged into a conventional power outlet.

The low power consumption is achieved by sharing the power between cooking zones. The cooktop can be used at full power (level 9) on a single zone, or any two zones at a max power level 7, which is equivalent to a medium gas burner. Alternatively, all three zones can be used simultaneously with the maximum power split between 3, 4 and 5 between the zones for simmering or keeping food hot.

The induction cooktop features Italian made ceramic glass, touch controls, three cooking zones with individual timers, automatic safety switch off, residual heat indicators and child lock for added peace of mind.

The Glem Gas 60cm induction cooktop GLINDPS is available through most Glem Gas retailers for RRP $1,099.