By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: German cooking appliance manufacturer Neff has today announced the launch of the VarioSteam oven with Slide & Hide door, a built-in oven that allows users to control steam levels when cooking to increase moisture in cooked food.

According to Neff’s national training manager Matthew Ahern, the oven is designed for “adventurous” home chefs who wish to control the way their food is prepared.

The oven features a water reservoir for creating moist steam that can be pumped directly into the chamber of the oven, using either automatic or manual settings. Food can be cooked simultaneously on any of three shelves, with various cooking settings including CircoTherm, top/bottom heat, pizza, bread-baking or CircoRoasting.

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The VarioSteam technology “enables moisture to be injected into the oven cavity at various intervals and intensities while the oven is operating, for even better results,” said Ahern.

“Whether it’s the crispy pizza base, the fluffy cake or the tender succulent roast, the combination of hot air and steam by virtue of the Neff VarioSteam oven enables people who love to experiment with different recipes to realise their vision of cooking perfection.”

The oven also boasts a “regeneration setting” that allows day old foods to be reheated, as well as a unique Slide & Hide door. And when the cooking cycle is complete, any remaining water is pumped out of the oven and back into the water reservoir for emptying.

Neff’s VarioSteam oven with Slide & Hide (B46C74N0) is available for RRP $3,799.