By Patrick Avenell (Follow me on Twitter)

As tipped by last week, Motorola Mobility will be launching a new Razr handset in Australia on 27 October 2011. This slate smartphone will be released exclusively with Optus.

Preordering for the Razr starts on 24 October 2011 on Optus’ Razr website. The Razr will be available for $0 upfront on the $59 cap plan (minimum 24-month cost is $1,416) and bundled with the Work, Play and Drive kit for $0 on the $79 cap plan (minimum 24-month cost is $1,896).

Motorola lists eight key features of the new Razr: thinness, strong build quality, 1.2Ghz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM, MotoCast for streaming music and videos, Super AMOLED screen, front and rear cameras, the ‘Smart Actions’ app and new security features.

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The handset looks to have a similar form factor to the Samsung Galaxy SII, with a thin design and a large rectangular fascia. The curved corners offer an element of style, while the 8MP camera and Full HD video recording are both attractive to consumers.

The Razr runs Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread), which a user will experience through a 4.3-inch  Super AMOLED screen with Kavlar fibre coating and Corning Gorilla Glass.

“The original Motorola Razr was an iconic phone synonymous with sleek, stylish design and quickly became an object of desire,” said local marketing director Timo Brouwer. “Now we’ve done it again by creating the next impossibly thin smartphone: a head-turning design with the power to carry your life with you.

“We know Optus customers in Australia will be lining up to be the first to have the next generation Motorola Razr.”

It is uncertain whether Brouwer means this last sentence to be taken literally, as in customers will actually line up to buy this phone the way they do for iPhones.

Optus is also excited:

“The Motorola Razr is a remarkable handset that blends impressive technical advances with a unique set of design features,” said consumer marketing director Gavin Williams. “The striking materials used in this model set it apart from the crowd and we think the Motorola Razr will really resonate with our Optus customers. The Optus Open Network is the perfect platform for Australians to get the best out the Motorola Razr and we’re excited to bring the power to Optus customers exclusively.”

Motorola is pitching the Razr with the LapDock 100 accessory, which uses the Razr’s computer to power a full-screen netbook-style computer. Connecting to the internet via the Razr’s 3G or Wi-Fi connection, the LapDock lets users edit documents and browse on a full screen. will be at the launch next week, so keep coming back for all the updates.