By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Miele has today released a new combi steam oven and a new range of induction cooktops.

The Miele DGC 5080 XL Combi-Steam Oven (RRP $5,999) can cook with dry heat and steam — separately on in combination — with a plethora of cooking options to control where the heat comes from, in addition grilling and baking functions.

“The DGC 5080 XL shows its true potential when used in combination mode,” said a Miele spokesperson. “The process of baking and roasting using a sequence of humid and dry conditions is simplified with electronically controlled automatic programmes.

“These ensure superior cooking results that even inexperienced cooks can achieve with ease.”

The new Miele Combi-Steam Oven (RRP $5,999).

Also released today is Miele’s new KM 6000 induction range, which features five cooktops ranging from RRP $2,499 to $4,999.

Features of this new range include TwinBooster, for fast heat up with low power consumption; Stop and Go, for instant temperature reduction of active zones for brief periods; and an auto-off function for spillages into the control panel.

The new range includes the KM 6113 (RRP $2,499), the KM 6317 (RRP $2,999), the KM 6350 LPT (RRP $3,699), KM 6380 LPT (RRP $3,999) and KM 6382 (RRP $4,999).

Miele's new induction cooktop at work.