Over the last few weeks AR has been sharing in the successes of brands that picked up gongs at the 2015 iF Design Awards.

Reading through the long list of winners it may appear as though the iF Design Awards have more in common with a primary school swimming carnival where everyone gets a ribbon, rather than say, the Oscars. But the recognition of such a large number of suppliers by the International Design Forum is great news for the industry. After all, it’s thoughtful design and innovation that goes into products that helps keep the industry in good shape, giving suppliers, retailers and consumers something to get excited about.

Here in Australia, entries for the 2015 Good Design Awards close in two weeks. The awards will acknowledge the best in consumer electronics and domestic appliances, as well as business utilising design at a strategic level.

In their own words the competition organisers describe what they are looking for:

Good design doesn’t mean expensive or exclusive — good design means that whatever it is, it works and it works well. Sometimes so well it goes unnoticed. That’s why we ‘notice’ it for you.

Timeline of our Design Lives

20 March 2015 — Entries Close
2 April 2015 — Entry Samples Due
13-16 April 2015 — Judging
15 April 2015 — Meet the Judges Cocktail Event
20 April 2015 — Good Design Finalists Announced
22 May – 8 June 2015 — Good Design Festival & Good Design Showcase
28 May 2015 — Good Design Awards Presentation Ceremony & After Party
29 May 2015 — Good Design Forum