By Patrick Avenell

Online security expert AVG is warning computer users to be aware that they could be the weakest link in the security chain linking cyber criminals with your identity.

Lloyd Borrett, who styles himself as AVG’s security evangelist and is like a real-life Mad-Eye Moody, said this is called “wetware”.

“If the weakest link in the Internet security chain is the person in front of the computer, security experts are now warning that the rise of social networks is leading to a rise in social engineering,” he said, in a tone of constant vigilance.

“Just as increased security provision by automotive manufacturers means that to steal a car today you have to steal the keys, with computer systems now capable of being comprehensively protected, the easiest way to get into a home or business computer is now through its owner.”

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Meanwhile, rival online security firm McAfee has put out a top ten list of “dangerous celebrities”. Although one would expect OJ Simpson, Phil Spector and Mike Tyson to be included, the most dangerous celebrity is apparently Heidi Klum. This is based on the number of nefarious websites that use Ms Klum’s name to attract potential victims.

Top of the Australian chart is Oscar winning actress and UK #1 duettist Nicole Kidman.

Here are the lists in full:


1. Nicole Kidman
2. Naomi Watts
3. Rose Byrne
4. Elle Macpherson
5. Chris Hemsworth
6. Heath Ledger
7. Steve Irwin
8. Delta Goodrem
9. Keith Urban
10. Dannii Minogue

The World

1. Heidi Klum, model and wife of Seal (the singer, not the marine mammal).
2. Cameron Diaz, one time angel of Charlie and Justin.
3. Piers Morgan, noted Arsenal fan and professional Alan Sugar baiter.
4. Jessica Biel, member of the A-Team.
5. Katherine Heigl, star of Grey’s Anatomy.
6. Mila Kunis, voice of Meg in Family Guy.
7. Anna Paquin, Oscar winner turned TV vampire.
8. Adriana Lima, impossibly good looking Brazilian model.
9. Scarlett Johansson, star of Home Alone 3.
10. (tie) Brad Pitt, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams; nominated for a combined 20 MTV Movie Awards.