Berlin, Germany

Here is our image gallery from our visit to the Berlin Miele Gallery as part of our Special Feature: Lessons learnt from Miele, Nespresso, Sony and Apple retail road trip.

The exterior of the Berlin Miele Gallery.

Delightful mini replicas of Miele appliances; notice the famous red trucks in the background?

‘Brilliant White’ is the official shade of these Generation H 6000 appliances.

Miele clearly sees the ‘Obsidian Black’ shade of its new H 6000 ovens to be the stars of the show.

This is ‘Havana Brown’, or ‘Mink’ as it will be known in Australia.

The fully functioning kitchen to entertain guests. Notice the stunning ‘floating’ ventilation hoods, the induction wok and the freestanding benchtop coffee machine.

The Miele Salamander, in situ.

Busts of the company founders, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, watch over the Gallery.

Although a Miele Australia insider said the company expects 70 per cent of H 6000 sales to be in stainless steel, this was its height of prominence as the Gallery was clearly laid out to promote the more colourful concepts.