By Patrick Avenell (Follow me on Twitter)

SYDNEY, NSW: Nokia is going to “disrupt” the smartphone market on 21 June 2011, with the Finnish mobile phone icon unveiling a new device. Which device it is has not been confirmed, though understands it to be a Windows Phone 7 handset.

Journalists were yesterday informed of this release, with the email notifying media headed with the statement: "Nokia to “disrupt” market with new device". Exactly how this device will disrupt the market is not yet known.

This launch event in Sydney is timed to match a Nokia conference in Singapore, which will feature a keynote address by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.

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Interestingly, after last year promising to talk smartphone strategy and then refusing to answer questions, Nokia has this year made it clear it will not be discussing anything other than this new device’s technical specifications.

“This will be a product demonstration only. In his role as product manager, Kurt [Bonnici] will only be available to answer technical questions relating to the new device,” wrote a Nokia spokesperson in an email.

Already this year, Acer, Samsung, HTC and Motorola have held open question and answer sessions, with spokespeople being quizzed on a variety of topics in an open forum. This makes it easier for journalists to gather the necessary information to then inform readers of the features and benefits of different devices.

UPDATE: A Nokia Australia spokesperson has asked to clarify that the restriction on questions applies only to the launch event. We have been told that at this time, Nokia ANZ managing director Chris Carr will be in Singapore and unable to answer questions relating to telcos, the market and Nokia's general activies. Carr will be returning on 27 June 2011 and will be conducting press interviews.