By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: In a move that has sweeping ramifications for the entire consumer electronics industry, Panasonic Australia yesterday outsourced its entire New South Wales sales team, with the plan now to sell through Crossmark, a sales agent.

A spokesperson for Panasonic confirmed to that 11 Panasonic sales staff in the New South Wales office have been offered positions with Crossmark. It is unknown how many have taken up the offer.

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Panasonic explained the thought process behind this decision.

“The move helps Panasonic meet the rapidly changing needs of consumers and retailers in New South Wales by drawing from Crossmark’s significant sales expertise, wide geographic coverage and experience in working with many other industries,” said a Panasonic spokesperson. “The decision also allows Panasonic to continue to access the strong experience of its former NSW sales team once they become Crossmark employees.”

“This continues a longstanding relationship between Panasonic and Crossmark, who already provide Panasonic with a range of team members, including merchandisers, surge teams, administrative staff and industry specialists.”

Panasonic is planning on entering new categories in the next 12 months, such as laundry and major kitchen appliances, and environmentally friendly goods. Panasonic said it believes Crossmark’s “wide range of sales experience will assist with this new direction”.