SYDNEY, NSW: There’s only one more full shopping day left before Mother’s Day, with suppliers and retailers both looking for a surge at the till tomorrow. Coffee machines and benchtop small appliances are expected to be the most happily received gifts this Sunday.

With MasterChef Australia completing its first week on TV and extensive above the line campaigns promoting several leading brands, the suppliers in this category have once again isolated Mother’s Day as the most important mid-year sales event. understands that one particular coffee machine brand has had such a successful new product launch that stocks are totally dry this year. With so many ads and billboards promoting this machine, it is expected to sell through at formidable levels in the shopping hours before close of business tomorrow.

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Throw into this the brands associated with the MasterChef juggernaut, such as Sunbeam, Tefal and Global, and you have even more brands wrestling for attention. Sunbeam is not only promoting its new small appliances through product placement, but also with advertisements during the commercial breaks.

Although not currently involved with the TV ratings franchise, Breville has two new aspirational cooking appliances with the focus on innovation. One of these is the Kitchen Wizz Pro (BFP800, RRP $499), which has a stable blade mechanism and a large feed chute.

For those looking for some traditional Italian style, the De’Longhi Icona Pump (RRP $299) is a pump elegant espresso machine available in range of colours. The blue model is especially eye-catching.

And for those families where money is no object, check out the in-built Miele Steam Oven (DG5040, RRP $2,699). This unit has touch controls, a stainless steel interior and a 90-minute water tank capacity.