Fujitsu General has introduced a new High Static R32 ducted range featuring a shared lightweight and compact indoor unit chassis design that delivers a blend of sustainability, compatibility, useability and high performance.

The High Static R32 ducted range includes Single Phase R32, Single Phase R32 High Performance (HP), and Three Phase R32 models. able to fit in tighter spaces with only 500mm of clearance space required at the front of both the single and double fan outdoor units, and be easily manoeuvred.

The models have a 67% lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ than R410a without compromising on unit performance.

“The High Static R32 ducted range is part of Fujitsu General’s ongoing commitment to lowering the global warming potential of its products, while providing an enhanced product experience for both installers and consumers,” Fujitsu General head of product for Australia and New Zealand, Kyle Rafter said.

“Space limitations and unit positioning are an ongoing challenge when integrating an air conditioning solution into an existing structure or contemporary project. This new range is the option of choice for seamless installation while delivering a technologically smart and effective cooling and heating experience.”

The High Static R32 range features Automatic Static Pressure Adjustment and Custom Auto Mode which allows the cooling and heating modes to maintain different set points enabling the unit to automatically switch between heating and cooling modes to maintain a desired room temperature between two temperature set points. 

All models have a maximum guaranteed ambient operating temperature range of up to 50 degrees in cooling mode, have Demand Response, and are Zone System compatible.

“The range improves the user epxerience further by reducing the outdoor unit’s noise by up to four dB(A) in sound pressure compared to previous modela,” Rafter added.

The High Static R32 ducted models are compatible with both two-wire and three-wire remote controllers. They are also compatible with Fujitsu General’s anywAiRtechnology ducted zone controller, which can be operated via the Wi-Fi-enabled anywAiR app with selected smartphone and tablet devices.

High Static R32 ducted air conditioning models come with a five-year parts and labour warranty in domestic applications as well as access to Fujitsu General’s in-house customer care and technical support team, Fujitsu General Assist.

The range is available in an extended line-up with four new models, totaling 15 models, ranging in capacity from 7.1kW to 16kW.