By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: For the fourth year running, Canon has claimed the #1 spot for the total digital camera market, with 19 per cent unit share and 31 per cent value share for 2010.

“We’re very pleased that in a year that brought some challenging business conditions and fierce competition, Canon’s digital SLR and compact cameras continue to remain the people’s choice in Australia,” said Canon director — consumer imaging, Jason McLean. “In value terms, almost one in every $3 spent on a camera in Australia in 2010 was spent buying a Canon, which is a significant achievement.”

“Canon’s heavy global investment in developing the highest-quality products, coupled with our locally driven programs to add value to the retail and consumer experience, has delivered enduring growth for our camera business.”

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Part of this success is due to Canon’s significant investment in consumer marketing. In the lead-up to Christmas 2010, Canon conducted a nationwide competition for customers, with winners packed on a chartered jet and taken on an adventure holiday.

Here are some exclusive images from that trip:

…And then we dance: Justice Crew was flown in to entertain competition winners.

The lucky Canon customers got to test out cameras while rafting.

Everyone had a good time at an Hawaiian luou.