Uniden has today released its latest baby monitoring solution, the Baby Watch BW2101. This new entry to the range has a number of novel features for parents looking to emulate ‘Big Brother’ in the home.

In addition to a 3.5-inch colour screen and built-in microphone for observing and listening to youngsters from up to 150 metres away, the Baby Watch includes a walkie-talkie function so parents can communicate directly with family members in other rooms.

There’s also voice activated recording onto SD card memory so parents can automatically record their kids and a lullaby function so babies can be remotely soothed.

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According to Uniden, the wireless signal between the camera/microphone and the receiver is digitally encrypted by FHSS technology, which can prevent eavesdropping and external hacking.

Both the monitor and the camera have mains power and a lithium-ion battery (up to 4 hours per charge). The one-camera pack can be expanded up to four cameras.

The new Uniden Baby Watch BW2101 is RRP $169.

Features of the Baby Watch include Walkie-Talkie mode and lullaby playback.