By Claire Reilly

Following press reports today that Panasonic is retiring the Sanyo name, Sanyo Asia/Oceania Limited president and managing director, Bill Crichton, has confirmed that Panasonic will be ‘unifying’ the two companies.

“Panasonic’s intention has always been to unify the companies, and the brand, however the timing varies by product category and country,” said Crichton.

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“In Australia, Sanyo has already exited the Audio, CCTV, Floorcare and Digital Video Camera markets. Sanyo remains a strong player in the TV, Microwave Oven, Projector, Digital Still Camera, Battery and Solar markets.

“Plans are underway to unify these categories, however the timing for each category is not yet confirmed.”

Panasonic acquired Sanyo in December 2008, with the latter then confirming in its annual report that “[Sanyo] expects that its capital and business alliance with Panasonic will further enhance the Company’s corporate value and promote the interests of all stockholders."