By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Hagemeyer Brands Australia is implementing a new software system to manage its distribution and logistics, with Lawson QuickStep replacing the incumbent 20-year-old system.

Hagemeyer currently distributes the JVC and Polaroid consumer electronics brands and the Omega, Blanco, Altise and Die Dietrich appliance brands. Hagemeyer CEO Mark Bilton said the implementation of QuickStep will increase efficiencies in the distribution of Hagemeyer’s brands. Bilton has previously told that improvements to logistics was a key focus of his tenure as the boss of Hagemeyer.

“Our aim is to provide customers with high quality and well-designed consumer brands, as well as to give international brand owners a gateway to the most vibrant consumer market in the southern hemisphere,” said Bilton

“It’s critical that each brand’s distribution is managed by a precision distribution hub that keeps stock turning over efficiently, on time and on budget across our vast markets down under.

“I’m delighted that our new partnership with Lawson will give us a solid ERP [enterprise resource planning] solution designed around our needs today and provides a platform to help support our future growth in the region.

“I’m also confident with the technology direction Lawson is taking to support the business requirements of our company and the distribution industry as a whole.”

Bilton said the previous logistics system had grown “inflexible and inefficient” after 20 years of operation.

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Further discussing this appointment is Lawson GM for Asia Pacific and Japan, David Hope.

“Hagemeyer has built an impressive business in the Australasian region since 1946,” said Hope. “The new Lawson QuickStep Distribution solution will help establish a backbone of its operations now and into the future by helping it better handle high-order volumes.

“It will also help Hagemeyer more efficiently manage a wide assortment of products and give it greater control over its complex supply chain.”