By Patrick Avenell

Garmin and Navman have both released new GPS satellite navigation products, with the two brands targeting different sections of the market.

The new Navman MY Series range has two models: the MY80T (RRP $299) and the MY85XLT (RRP $349).

One of the new features of this range is Roadside Assist. If a user breaks down or needs mechanical help while driving, this feature will locate the nearest service provider to their location and provide the phone number to call for help.

Other features of this range include spoken street names in Mandarin, tunnel navigation, spoken school zone alerts, a driver fatigue alert and speed limit warnings. Premium features of the MY series include a tool to help drivers find parking spots, included New Zealand maps, access to Suna’s live traffic service, Google and TrueLocal search engines and two years of free map upgrades.

The more expensive MY85XLT model the new Voice Destination entry feature, so users can speak their instructions to the device.

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In addition to enjoying the 2011 Tour de France, Garmin is also adding new products to its range. The American company has added the Dezl 560LT truck-specific personal navigation device to its range of commercial products.

“The Dezl 560LT has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the trucking industry,” said Garmin Australasia national sales manager Ian Edwards. “The Dezl is pre-loaded with truck-specific features that will save drivers and fleet managers’ time, fuel and money.

“The Dezl’s size and pre-loaded features make it the ultimate combination of practicality and convenience.”

These trucking features include a 5-inch display, built-in loudspeaker, points-of-interest specific to logistics professionals, fuel and mileage logs, truck speed limits and advanced route planning that takes into account road rules applicable to truck drivers.

The new Garmin Dezl 560LT is RRP $599.

The new Garmin truck-specific Dezl 560LT.

The Navman MY80T.