Eurolinx has confirmed a price reduction on the unique feature of specific colour matching for up to 213 individual RAL colours for their range of agency platform freestanding cookers.

The RAL colour matching chart is similar to the Pantone colour system and is used in Europe for varnish and powder coating manufacturing processes using a unique four-digit code.

According to Euolinx national sales manager, Tristan Peters, the price reduction follows the move to an agency system of selling through retail stores and is specifically designed to make the colour-matching feature more accessible to a broader spectrum of consumers when they are looking for something unique when renovating their kitchens.

“Previously the cost of RAL colour matching was $3,500 for 60-90cm freestanding cookers and $5,000 above 90cm. We have been able to drive more volume to this feature by allocating a flat $2,000 fee, effective immediately.

“If a consumer, architect or interior designer would like a specific colour to match their cabinetry then we have eight standard colours available in the Notalgie and Majestic ranges and four standard colours in the Professional Plus range. But if they would truly like a unique piece that will mean they are likely to have a one-of-a-kind product in the Australian market, then the RAL colour matching feature is an ideal solution – and now it is a much more viable option with the price reduction for people to experience this unique opportunity.”

The RAL colour is added to the freestanding cooker using an enamel process at 250 degrees and must be ordered in advance and manufactured in Italy.