eufy Security has introduced the Video Doorbell Dual, an AI powered doorbell with two cameras, monitoring entryways through the 2K HDR frontward facing camera and a downward facing camera to keep an eye on deliveries.

Anker Innovation country manager, Gaspar Xie said, “85% of packages end up in a typical video doorbell’s blindspot and according to studies, 44% of couriers don’t ring the doorbell during delivery. With our Video Doorbell Dual’s cameras, you can spot packages and visitors anywhere on your entranceway – no more blind spots.”

With dual camera technology the top 2K camera (160-degree FOV) captures the face and body of the visitor, while the downward-facing 1080P (97-degree FOV) camera monitors packages.

The inbuilt Dual Motion Detection radar sensor scans to see if there are objects within the specific detection range. If something triggers the PIR sensor, the cameras will begin recording. When an excessive amount of time has passed, the Loitering Detection trigger activates, playing a voice message to the person and sending an alert.

Unlike other doorbells, the Video Doorbell Dual features eufy Security’s exclusive Deliver Guard technology, which instantly notifies the user when their package arrives and gives reminders when it hasn’t been collected.  It will also warn users if a stranger approaches the package.

The doorbell, which works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, can recognise family and friends, other recurring visitors, as well as identifying packages placed on the doorstep. Thanks to the advanced lithium-ion battery technology, the eufy Video Doorbell Dual will run for up to six months on single charge.

With the new eufy app experience, available on both iOS and android, users will receive alerts they can respond to or call an emergency contact. Users can also sort videos by time or event and type of event such as human or package.