By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Fisher & Paykel has upgraded its 2011 Laundry range, with new naming protocols to assist retailers communicate the individual benefits of the new machines.

The new machines, which carry the “Powered by SmartDrive” branding, have been divided into four groups: QuickSmart (formerly MW), WashSmart (GW), FabricSmart (IW) and AquaSmart2 (an upgrade from AquaSmart).

F&P national general manager, marketing, Peter Russell, said the QuickSmart range provided shorter wash times with optimal use of water and energy.

The new WashSmart models have increased capacities (6.5 to 7 kilograms and 7.5 to 8 kilograms) with comprehensive cycle and wash options for individual control.

FabricSmart has sensors to detect the different types of fabrics (Russell’s examples were denim jeans and silky lingerie) and then adjust the wash cycle accordingly.

Finally, AquaSmart2 takes the original range to the next level, according to Russell, making it the machine of choice for the environmentally conscious.

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Russell said making the job easier for retailers was central to these new names.

“Not only do the new models get new features, there is a logical new benefit-based naming protocol that reflects the integral nature of the SmartDrive technology and allows for easier selection and comparison of the different available models,” said Russell.

“A lot of thought has gone into the new naming process to ensure we help make what can be a significant investment for families a much simpler process.”

That said, Russell pointed out that the name changes reflected what he called significant improvements to the technology.

 “While this laundry range upgrade includes improvements to capacity, water and energy ratings, it is fundamentally all about enhanced reliability,” he said.

“This translates into a whole lot of improvements inside the washing machine, not a lot of fancy cosmetic changes that don’t ultimately make much difference to wash performance.

“Consumers won’t see a lot of variation on the outside, but they’ll notice the benefits to the quality of the wash and their hip pockets.”

Creative: here is the logo for F&P's SmartDrive.

The new range is:

MW513, RRP $649

7kg WA70T60GW1, RRP $749
8kg WA80T65GW, RRP $879

AquaSmart 2
7kg WL70T60CW2, RRP $1,079
8kg WL80T65CW2, RRP $1,189

7kg WA70T60F RRP, $919
8kg WA80T65F  RRP, $1,029