By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: A 2004 recall of Omega and Smeg branded dishwashers has been re-released today due to “a number of fires caused by the faulty dishwashers,” according to the ACCC.

The recall, originally issued on 12 October 2004, covers Omega and Smeg dishwashers manufactured between November 1998 and May 2003. Affected dishwashers can be identified by the 9-digit serial number on the inside right edge of the dishwasher door, which will end in either 0, 1, 2, 3, 8 or 9.

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A circuitry problem has been blamed for the recall. According to the recall notice, “A plastic-coated capacitor fitted to the dishwashers in question has a potential to overheat, leading to a failure of the dishwasher and possible water, smoke and/or heat damage.”

Consumers are urged to stop using the product, and contact the supplier by calling the toll-free hotline on 1800 180 347 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) for further instructions.

UPDATE: Since this story was posted, we have been contacted by Hagemeyer Brands Australia. HBA explained that the reissue of this recall was triggered by an administration error on the Omega website.

"The reason why the update was issued yesterday by the ACCC was that during the transition of the Omega brand into Hagemeyer Appliances, and the exit of the Smeg business, the web-link to the recall fell off the old website due to that site being de-commissioned."

"Hagemeyer Appliances have agreed to put the web link back on our Omega website and this is in the process of happening and the ACCC is happy with this. The recall as such just continues as it has, with small numbers of customers calling for the capacitor replacement.. The ACCC website was updated on Monday as a refresher only."