Epson has signed a landmark technology and sustainability agreement with First Nations Fashion + Design (FNFD) to promote Indigenous fashion.

A discussion around a potential partnership between Epson and FNFD followed the launch of the Monna Lisa ML-8000 direct-to-fabric printer, a unique product FNFD had been seeking for some time.

FNFD founder, Grace Lillian Lee said FNFD’s vision is to partner with organisations that can support First Nations designers, businesses and communities in the fashion industry to grow and develop their skills and businesses to become commercially self-sufficient. “Our organisations, objectives and values are incredibly well aligned, and this is an ideal partnership,” she said.

Epson Australia managing director, Craig Heckenberg said, “We are excited to be working with Grace and her team at FNFD to promote the growth of Indigenous fashion and provide new skills and knowledge to help First Nations designers tell their stories through the art of fashion using Epson digital printing technologies.”

The Epson Monna Lisa ML-8000 printing out designs at the Epson Experience Centre in Yennora.

This includes printing fabrics for making fashion garments using direct-to-fabric printers such as the Monna Lisa ML-8000 and direct-to-garment printers for items such as t-shirts, dye-sublimating designs on fabrics for soft furnishings and printing onto hard surfaces such as mugs and key rings.

According to Heckenberg, the partnership with FNFD is built on a shared vision of promoting cultural and economic sustainability.

Over the next eight months, designers will participate in workshops, events and experiences developed by a range of industry experts and educators including Epson, the Hanes group and Bonds with ongoing feedback from the Indigenous creative community.

Featured image: FNFD founder and chairperson, Grace Lillian Lee and Epson Australia managing director, Craig Heckenberg.