Cumulative global sales of Epson’s EcoTank high-capacity refillable ink tank inkjet printers recently topped 50 million units. In addition, the company claims that by saving on plastic, which is the main component of ink cartridges, it estimates that CO2 emissions are approximately 166,000 tonnes lower than they would have been if all these units had been cartridge printers.

According to Epson, its high-capacity ink tank models account for a growing percentage of the total global inkjet market, maintaining a top share for a decade. The printers come with up to two years of ink included in the box.

Rapid changes in society touched off changes in the office and education printing environments during the 2020 fiscal year. The company said its goal in all segments is to continue to offer far lower printing costs than competitors and unrivalled environmental performance to enable their customers to print without having to worry about printing costs and environmental impacts.

Epson launched the EcoTank into Indonesia in October 2010, steadily expanding to reach 170 countries and regions in 2019.