Danish audio company, EPOS has launched an updated version of the GTW 270 Hybrid wireless gaming earbuds which now have greater microphone functionality when gaming.

The GTW 270 Hybrid is a low-latency set of earbuds engineered for gaming, with the ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.1 or to a bundled USB-C dongle. Compatible devices include PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, plus Bluetooth devices like the Nintendo Switch. 

The updated GTW 270 Hybrid enables the earbuds’ microphone when connected via the USB-C dongle. Made for multiplayer gaming, the earbuds house dual microphones for clear communication and reducing background noise. Previously, microphone functionality was limited to Bluetooth devices only.

“At EPOS, we strive for audio hardware and software perfection to provide users the best gaming experience. That’s why we incorporated the GTW 270 Hybrid, an already astounding piece of hardware, with additional mic functionality through the USB-C dongle,” EPOS director of brand management and global gaming marketing, Maja Sand-Grimnitz said.

“This highly desired feature now allows gamers to utilise the mic through the dongle which wasn’t possible prior, making the earbuds the ultimate tool for both PC, couch and on-the-go gaming.”

Designed for an ergonomic fit, the GTW 270 Hybrid includes interchangeable rubber ear tip sizes. This helps provide a comfortable fit, noise isolation, and high-quality acoustics. Inside each earbud are EPOS’ custom mini audio drivers designed for strong sound, from powerful bass to crisp highs.

For gamers who like to multitask, the GTW 270 Hybrid feature a button on the left earbud to quickly swap between gaming and phone calls. Other uses for the button also include controlling your phone and music playback. 

The earbuds are built for five hours of listening time on a single charge, boosted up to 20 hours when used with the included charging case. An IPX5 water resistance rating means they can withstand sweat and light rain, too. Additionally, users can download the free EPOS Gaming Suite software to customise the GTW 270 Hybrid’s audio settings, plus install the latest updates.

The upgraded GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds are available now through the official EPOS website and select retailers for a retail price of $229.