By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Since the mid 1970’s when FM was introduced, the radio has undergone little revolution in around 90 years, until now, said Pure Australia’s managing director Graeme Redman yesterday in Sydney. Digital radio – so far servicing 60 per cent of Australia’s population – and internet connected radios are able to offer the 48 per cent of Australians that listen to AM better service and improved sound quality in addition to personalisation and choice.

“It is the most taken for granted medium,” said Redman, adding that 90 per cent of the population listen to the radio weekly and that the average listening time a week is 11 hours.

The One Flow (RRP $249) portable internet connected digital radio is an entry level product featuring portability, internet and FlowSongs.
“FlowSongs is a unique and easy to use cloud based music service that delivers a bridge between radio, which is the most popular way of discovering new music, and the ability to own that music,” Redman said.

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Also new in the line-up is the ‘world’s first dawn simulator with digital radio’, the Twilight (RRP $329). This curious looking product has a light which simulates the gradual rising of the sun for a gentler wake up call. Or for use at the other end of the day it features (in the) mood lighting!

The Pure Contour (RRP $499) is the seventh product in the internet connected DAB+ range and also supports FlowSongs. It also features an iPod dock.
The i-20 (RRP $149) is a digital iPod/iPhone dock to integrate music and video into hi-fi or AV systems and according to Peter Blampied, the director of international sales at Pure, it is a simple up-sell for retailers to add onto a TV or high similar high end purchase.