Winter months bring fire hazards.

A recent fire in south Brisbane, believed to be started by an electric blanket, has initiated a critical warning for consumers to check their blankets are free of fault.

Glen Dimplex product and marketing coordinator of small appliances, Stacey Pogorecki believes the single most important feature of an electric blanket is safety.

Electric Blanket

“The Dimplex range is designed with double overheat protection with Sensorsafe Technology, giving extra protection to electric blankets by randomly detecting hotspots while in use. Whenever any part of the heating element gets too hot, the sensor layer between the dual copper windings inside the heating wire will shut down, defusing any power going into the unit.

“Other tips to ensure safety include turning off the blanket when not in use, not switching on the blanket until it has been laid completely flat (do not use when folded) and storing your blanket loosely, not tightly when stored away in summer.”

Meanwhile, Sunbeam product marketing manager for seasonal and garment care, Lisa Buscomb said the company understands that safety concerns are top of mind when consumers are choosing blankets.

“The Sunbeam brand has long stood for safety, quality and reliability.  Time after time we have been proven to be the safest and highest regarded brand. We have been producing electric blankets for over 50 years, all of our wiring is imported from Italy and England, and over 500 hours is spent on testing each blanket.

“All of this is underpinned by our 9 level safety protection which are present in all Sleep Perfect blankets and throws. These 9 levels work together to ensure that our blankets remain safe.”