By Claire Reilly

As the summer entertaining season approaches, TEAC has launched a DVD Mini System and DVD Micro System to add to its audio visual product offering.

According to a TEAC spokesperson, the HMX1001S DVD Mini System is an “all-inclusive home entertainment” that offers supports a wide array of formats for playback, including DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 and JPEG. It also has an FM tuner as well as a USB input and multimedia card slots for listening to MP3 files.

The HMX1001S features a 2.1 channel speaker system that boasts 200 watts of power (including a 100 watt subwoofer). It also includes a microphone input for do-it-yourself karaoke.

“While the TEAC HMX1001S offers all the features of a regular home entertainment package, it’s the inclusion of a Karaoke component that gives this quality unit a distinctive difference, and endless hours of entertainment,” said the spokesperson,

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Along with the karaoke-capable DVD Mini System, TEAC has also launched the MCDV70 DVD Micro System. 

Like the HMX1001S, the Micro System supports a variety of discs including DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CDR/RW, VCD, HDCD and Kodak Photo CD. It also includes a USB port for multimedia playback, and an FM tuner.

With a smaller footprint than the Mini System, the MCDV70 Micro System has a 160 millimetre main unit, and has 40 watt RMS power with large, 2-way speakers. The unit also includes a remote control.

The HMX1001S DVD Mini System is available for RRP $399.

The MCDV70 Micro System is available for RRP $199.