By Patrick Avenell

SanDisk has today announced a new range of retail memory solutions, including a 64GB MicroSD card, portable USB flash drives and a Memory Vault unit peculiarly available with only comparatively small options.

Here’s a look at the new products with descriptions in the captions:

This is the new Memory Vault, available in 8GB (RRP $79) and 16GB (RRP $99) varieties. Its designed to be super secure, with SanDisk offering a 100-year sort-of guarantee and a "limited lifetime warranty". Although it is promoted as a save-all solution for images, videos and documents, the relatively small sizes mean that users will have to rationalise what gets locked in the vault.

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A good practical option for tablets and PCs is SanDisk's new Cruzer Fit USB flash drive. Very unobtrusive when plugged in, this device can act as a permanent memory expander for compatible tablets, with the 16GB model (RRP $28) effectively doubling the standard in-built memory. This is also available in 4GB (RRP $9) and 8GB (RRP unavailable) models.

Also in the Cruzer range is the Cruzer Switch USB, whcih has an attached cap to prevent loss and potential subsequent damage. This more traditional USB flash drive is available in sizes between 2GB (RRP $7) and 32GB (RRP $50).

A big release from SanDisk is this 64GB MicroSD card, which can substantially increase the expandable memory of a compatible smartphone. Users should check, however, that their smartphone will work with a 64GB card. This card has 30MB/second transfer speeds, which is around one-third the speed of SanDisk's top end consumer SD card, and is RRP $212. There are also MicroSD cards in smaller sizes, such as 4GB (RRP $12).

For users that want to switch from a hard disk drive solution in their PC or revive an old PC, SanDisk has a new range of Ultra Solid State Drives (SSDs). These new units have transfer speeds up to 280MB/second and, although the storage size is much less than a hard drive, the lack of moving parts makes them more secure against drops and malfunctions. Available sizes include 60GB (RRP $171), 120GB (RRP $309) and 240GB (RRP $591).