We’re really focusing on design — it’s no longer something you have to put away in a cupboard — it’s a much better looking machine it works a lot more efficiently, so the consumer experience is better.

– SodaStream Australia MD Myles Anceschi.


SodaStream Source
RRP $149

Designed by sustainability advocate Yves Bahar, the Source introduces an LED display to indicate carbonation levels, while the syrups contain much less sugar than regular soft drink, making them less unhealthy.

Source Success: The snap-lock system for attaching the bottle is a massive improvement on the screw system formerly used.

2013 was a big year for SodaStream, launching new machines with improved technology, partnering with Breville, Samsung and KitchenAid and introducing a raft of new flavours. Here is how we reported the expansion of SodaStream’s local proposition in a recent feature:

In the future, we will all have SodaStream machines. All our soft drinks will be prepared in the home and whenever our carbon dioxide canister or syrup satchels run dry, we will leave them on the front porch for the SodaStream Man to replace overnight, much like the milkman in days of yore.

It sounds fanciful, of course, but that doesn’t stop SodaStream Australia MD Myles Anceschi from dreaming. In a period characterised by low consumer sentiment, price erosion and conditions most often described as “challenging”, SodaStream has stood out as a rare company to show strong growth, even in particularly depressed markets like the United States.