More effective than traditional cooktop extractor hoods, the BORA Basic cooktop extractor directly draws off unpleasant kitchen vapours from the cooktop. Following a simple physical principle, the vapour is drawn off faster than it can rise. The result is that the cook is surrounded by clean air and his hair, clothes and the kitchen stay free from grease and smelly particles.


Bora Basic
RRP $4,399

A very unusual entrant to the appliance industry: Bora Basic combines an induction cooktop with a downdraft ventilation system, so smoke is sucked away rather than filtered above.

Bora Brilliance: Downdrafting means the air is clear and unwanted odours don’t penetrate clothing or the kitchen.

One of Bora’s key dealers, Athan Papoulias from Designer Homeware said demonstrating Bora provided ‘unreal entertainment’ for his customers:

“The demonstrations mean the end consumer can see how such an expensive appliance works,” he said. “I could tell the consumer that Bora extractors can suck that much air but it doesn’t carry credence. When they see it working, however, they get the idea of how the well the product operates.”