Editor’s Picks — Best Appliances of 2014


Yonanas (RRP from $80)

A truly unique appliance, the Yonanas turns frozen overripe bananas into an ice cream-style dessert, also called ‘Yonanas’.

Yonanas Yummy: Because there are no milk products involved, this machine is ideal for the lactose intolerant.

From Going bananas for the Yonanas frozen fruit-gloop maker:

For those not enamoured with bananas, the Yonanas Maker also accepts most popular fruits, like strawberries, mango and pineapple to name a few. Fruit is fed into the appliance, producing a creamy, cool and healthy treat almost instantly, containing all the flavour of fruit with none of the sugars or additives of ice cream.

This contraption may sound a tad unappealing — taking overripe fruit and converting it into gelatinous gloop — but the response has been overwhelming.