Editor’s Picks — Best Appliances of 2014


Dyson Cool (AM06, RRP $449)

The introduction of a Helmholtz cavity to Dyson’s famous bladeless fan form factor has significantly reduced the noise emitted. And with the addition of a sleep timer, it’s perfect for a cool down when going to bed during Australia’s hot summer.

Cool Cth its Quioncept: The very British Noise Abatement Society has certified this appliance wiet Mark.

From Shhh! After an exciting build up, three Dyson Cool models now in retail, backed by big marketing push:

Hermann von Helmholtz was a Prussian-born renaissance man famous for his work in electrodynamics, philosophy and acoustics. In the 1850s, he created his eponymous Resonator, which is used to measure the pitch and frequency of various sounds. The principals of this invention can be utilised in other devices, such as fans, to reduce noise. Think of sound as being tangible; instead of the whole mass of sound being exhausted by the fan, the noise is separated and reduced inside the Dyson Cool’s base, meaning the new models are much quieter: by 75 per cent, according to the official spiel.