Overall Winner — Editor’s Pick for Best Digital Product of 2014


Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (RRP $399)

Bose found a new high in noise cancellation in 2014, almost completely silencing an aeroplane’s engine with its QC25 headphones. Beautifully packaged and complete with a perfectly-sized carry-on case, these headphones can transform any journey from Row 75 to Business Class with the addition of a single Triple-A battery. Importantly, the headphones are styled with an understated elegance, so they don’t look out of place in the office, on the bus or train or while walking down the street. The cans fold forward, too, so they can rest comfortably around the neck when not in use. An outstanding product that lives up to the Bose brand.

Bose Best: Even without audio playing, the noise cancelling is so good that you can use the headphones to help sleep while flying.