Leading portable and waterproof consumer electronics brand, ECOXGEAR, is launching its range of speaker solutions in Australia.

Designed to survive water, dirt, and debris, all ECOXGEAR speakers are fully submersible, meeting IP67 ingress protection international standard, and will float on top of water. Ideal for camping, boating, outdoor and leisure activities, the products are robust for professional PA requirements, including schools, sporting events and live entertainment.

ECOXGEAR is a registered trademark of Enfinity Pty Limited in Australia and New Zealand.

Enfinity director, Kuni Ishii believes the ECOXGEAR range is perfectly aligned to the Australian active lifestyle.

“We identified this brand as having great potential in the Australian market, particularly with its waterproof and dustproof attributes. These portable technology solutions are being made available to retailers nationally, and we are looking forward to seeing Australian consumers discovering the full range, particularly as we approach summer and the festive season.”

The EcoBoulder+ and EcoTrek (pictured below) are the flagship products, RRP $449.99 and $399.99 respectively, both IP67 rated 100% waterproof and dustproof portable Bluetooth speakers.

With a more compact size, the EcoTrek has a dynamic power 100W amplifier system, and six-way speaker system with two 5.25-inch full range and two 5.25-inch rear woofers, plus two 2.5-inch tweeter. The EcoBoulder+ features a massive 8-inch full range speaker, 3-inch tweeter plus an 8-inch passive woofer. Users can enjoy up to 50 hours of playtime at normal listen levels when using the integrated rechargeable battery or play continuously with standard wall power.

Both the EcoBoulder+ and EcoTrek also function as PA systems and can be used for karaoke, with MIC functionality. Users can also listen to AM and FM radio stations with the ability to save up to six stations with pre-set buttons that are backlit for easy night-time viewing. Featuring a three-way speaker system for high quality sound and large amplifying range, audio output can be tuned to match listening preferences with adjustable EQ (treble and bass).

The EcoBoulder+ (pictured above) comes with a waterproof storage case for mobile devices that will remain powered thanks to the internal USB charging port. The compartment is big enough to house audio cables or extension cords. There is also a telescoping handle and oversized outdoor wheels for transportation.

For consumers seeking speakers for travel, camping and leisure, the EcoEdge, EcoEdge+, and EcoLantern for RRP $129.99, $149.99 and $199.99 respectively, are compact, lightweight solutions. The EcoEdge+ features RGB party lights with four colour modes that sync with the beat of the music. With integrated ECOTALK technology, users can speak directly into the speaker and access Siri or Google Assistant, changing music or adjusting volume.

The EcoLantern (pictured above) combines a 400 lumens flashlight, built-in power bank and backlit buttons. It boasts two 10W speakers and dual passive sub-woofers with up to 20 hours of play time when fully charged. The 360-degree sound cone emits sound in every direction, while two multi-coloured party light modes enable lights to be synced to the music or set to a colour fade effect. The EcoLantern also has an emergency mode with flashing white and red lights to attract attention in crisis situations.

All ECOXGEAR speakers are available online via Amazon, eBay and Catch. The EcoBoulder+, EcoTrek and EcoEdge+ are also available at AutObarn stores. The EcoLantern is available at AutObarn and TJM stores, while the EcoEdge is available to purchase at Costco.