Panasonic has released two new series of cordless phones, both available in Triple and Twin packs. The premium KX-TG7892/3AZS Series (RRP $179 & $139) features Bluetooth connectivity for pairing smartphones, a USB charging point and a key ring accessory for locating lost keys within the house.

The KX-TGH222/3AZB series (RRP $159 & $119) has a premium look and a large, easy-to-use LCD screen, plus big buttons.

“Our 2014 cordless phone line up is designed to cater to the ultra-connected modern consumer, with a range to suit all sorts of individual and family needs,” said product marketing manager Nicholas Cauzac. “With a focus on premium design and smart functionality, we’re expecting continued success in our home communications division.”

Roast, bake, stream and grill with Panasonic's new combi microwave oven.
Roast, bake, stream and grill with Panasonic’s new combi microwave oven.

Also new from Panasonic is a new Steam Combination Microwave Oven (NN-CS894S, RRP $1,209). Proving his all-round marketing credentials, here is Cauzac again expounding its virtues:

“Representing our 50 years of experience in microwave oven engineering, this latest model in our range offers ease of use and versatility. Whether you’re looking to steam fish or vegetables, bake a cake, grill sausages or defrost meat, Panasonic’s new microwave oven will provide outstanding results.”