In Detail: Young brothers and Gary Armstrong facing 20 criminal charges regarding Kleenmaid collapse

Over the weeks that followed the Kleenmaid collapse in April 2009, Appliance Retailer led the coverage of this story, with hundreds of stories detailing every angle of the collapse. Here are five stories to remind long-standing readers of what happened and to bring our new readers up to date.

Kleenmaid Group enters voluntary administration (14 April 2009)

The Kleenmaid Group, responsible for various appliances in the Australian market ranging from cooking appliances to refrigeration and laundry products, has entered voluntary administration and appointed Deloitte partners as administrators.

Staff will go and warranties won’t be honoured at Kleenmaid (14 April 2009)

According to Kleenmaid Group Joint Administrator John Greig, all 150 Kleenmaid staff will be made redundant and customers will be left stranded without warranties.

Kleenmaid insider reveals shocking truth of shonky management (24 April 2009)

An ex-Queensland state manager of the Kleenmaid Group has revealed in an exclusive interview the down and dirty secrets of the collapsed business and the ruthless money making motives of the directors.

Kleenmaid trading whilst insolvent for at least two years (18 May 2009)

Deloitte, the administrator of the collapsed Kleenmaid Group, has just released its 200 page report to creditors, where it outlines how the appliances manufacturer has been trading whilst insolvent for at least two years.

ACCC stuff up; it could have stopped Kleenmaid four years ago (20 May 2009)

An ex-franchisee of the Kleenmaid Group has revealed that in 2005 a group of Kleenmaid franchisees complained to the ACCC in regards to unconscionable conduct carried out by the manufacturer. The ACCC dismissed the claims and chose not to take any action.