By Claire Reilly

Miele had a successful weekend at the Grand Designs Live expo in Sydney, showcasing their range of appliances to retailers and consumers alike. At the event, Miele’s product marketing manager of Miele Galleries, Thorsten Kissel, spoke to about the range and the benefits it offers consumers.

“It’s all about the small things that add up,” said Kissel. “Miele has a fleet design with perfect lines, so you can combine top of the line appliances with entry level appliances.” Through installation, Miele’s built-in appliances are designed to create a neat through-line, so consumers will have a unified aesthetic even if they choose to mix and match appliances.

“This gives customers flexibility, depending on their budget,” he said.

For Kissel, one of the stand-outs of the range is the DGC 5080 XL Combi Steam Oven, a product that he says showcases the classic ‘form follows function’ product story.

According to Kissel, the engineers wanted to design a larger cavity that would still allow space for holding the water vessels that generate the steam. “So the engineers decided to feed the water in and out from behind the fascia,” said Kissel, adding that this German engineering transformed the functional steam compartment into the novelty of an automatically-lifting panel.

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“This is the show pony of the range,” said Kissel. “It gets an immediate emotional reaction from consumers, and it’s also an engineering marvel.

“And It has so many applications. You can use the moisture to support normal oven cooking, and everything is easily programmed. It’s similar to formula one racing – everything is in the fine tuning.”

Kissel also discussed the benefits of Miele’s post-purchase cooking classes that offer consumers the opportunity to learn the fine art of cooking with their new Miele products. “They’re designed to get everything going,” said Kissel, adding that customers often leave the classes with a greater understanding of all the new things they can do with their appliance.

Thorsten Kissel talks up the benefits of Miele's Combi Steam Oven.

"A fleet design with perfect lines" – Miele's range on show at Grand Designs Live.