By James Wells

SYDNEY: Jura Australia has confirmed that a recall of four automatic espresso machines which has commenced in North America does not apply to any machines which have been supplied to the Australian market.

According to a statement from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the electrical connecters on the Jura-branded E50, E55, E70 and E75 espresso machines can erode and pose a fire hazard.

These machines were sold in North America through coffee distributors and independent specialty stores from July 1999 until October 2004 prices between $US750 and $US900.

According to Jura Australia national sales manager, Danielle Warner, the recall will not apply to the local market.

“We do share some models with the US, but they are different from the ones involved in the recall. Our products include the E80, F70, S9AP and the Z5 Aluminium,” Warner told

Warner has confirmed that the top of the range Z5 Aluminium (RRP $3,795) will be complemented by a new flagship machine in July – the Z5 Chrome. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

“We will be promoting the range in a huge way with a campaign of advertisements in all of the publications that our competitors use,” she said.