By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Harvey Norman chairman Gerry Harvey has lauded Sydney’s western suburbs residents as the best in the city. In an opinion piece published today in The Daily Telegraph, Harvey, who is described as a “billionaire entrepreneur” delivered some very caustic views on various Sydney socio-geographic regions.

Here’s a selection of some of his views:

The Eastern Suburbs (traditionally wealthy and pro the Liberal Party, with large homosexual and Jewish populations)

“[They] are a particular breed. They don’t like to go outside their boundaries. They don’t mind an overseas trip but if you mention Parramatta, they say ‘Where’s that?’”

The Southern Suburbs (traditionally working class)

“They’re regular people. They’re easy to deal with. They’re not difficult.”

The North Shore (traditionally a Liberal Party stronghold with little multiculturalism)

“North Shore people see themselves as quality citizens but in a lot of cases they’re living beyond their means.”

The Western Suburbs (traditionally working class, highly multicultural)

“You can see it in their eyes, see it in their speech and they way they carry themselves. They’re just decent people, whether they’re rich or poor. They’re just decent people.

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