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Conroy defends NBN, attacks media

Senator Stephen Conroy continued to trumpet the NBN in Armidale today, lashing out at negative reports stemming from yesterday button pushing.

"I was delighted to be in Armidale to meet local residents, teachers, business owners and health professionals who are all ecstatic about the NBN arriving in their community," Senator Conroy said.

"Media reports highlighting the few residents who have been carrying out initial testing on the network do not represent the level of interest, or the fact that the copper network will be decommissioned as part of the agreement between Telstra and NBN Co, which is currently being finalised.

"As you would expect, before NBN Co starts connecting customers they need to ensure the network is working without any glitches or problems. NBN Co carried out this initial testing in the lead up to yesterday’s launch and from now on more people in the Armidale footprint will be connected.

"This is a responsible and sensible approach and it’s a shame some sections of the media can’t recognise this."

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App to make your Mac more like a PC

PC users that have made the switch to Apple but still want to run Windows programs will be pleased to know the Parallels app is now available on the Mac app store. For $1.19, Mac users can download Parallels Transporter, which can transport files and other data from a Windows PC to a Mac over Wi-Fi.

Here’s Parallels VP of marketing, Kim Johnston.

“A growing number of consumers and small businesses are looking for an easy way to move to a Mac. We created Parallels Transporter to be the simplest, most efficient way to transfer everything you need from your old PC to your Mac in just a few easy steps. 

“Now you can move to a Mac without the time-consuming chore of manually moving files and without the expense of hiring somebody to do it for you.”

TiVo boss left out in the cold

Hybrid TV (TiVo) CEO Robbee Minicola is once again taking part in the CEO Sleepout to raise awareness of and funds for homeless people.

“I cannot believe a full year has passed since the last CEO Sleepout where we raised over $2.8 million for the homeless in Australia with St Vincent de Paul Society,” said Minicola. “Well, that day is coming soon when we do it all over again this winter and sleep out on the streets on 16 June to raise money.”

Minicola has so far raised just over $7,000 from her sponsors. Leading the NSW CEO count is Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti ($23,895). The overall leader currently is Mirvac CEO (development) John Carfi with almost $32,000.

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