Five of Australia’s best-known photographers will judge image entries from photographers and artificial intelligence creators in digiDirect’s $1,000 ‘Human V Machine’ contest.

Sony ambassador, Mark Galer, Fujifilm ambassador, Russell Ord, Canon ambassador, James Simmons, Panasonic ambassador, Chris Bray and Nikon ambassador, Jasin Boland have accepted the challenge with the understanding they will have no knowledge whether the finalists have submitted a camera-shot photograph or an AI generated image. The winning image will be awarded a $1,000 gift card to shop at digiDirect.

digiDirect recently made headlines when an image created by artificial intelligence won its most recent regular photo competition. It accepted full responsibility before announcing a new winner and a new requirement to submit the raw image of edited photographs, which reveals key metadata about the camera used to shoot their entries.

In response to the controversy, digiDirect came up with the Human V Machine image contest – separate to its regular photo competition – to determine whether AI can beat a photo.

“As one of Australia’s leading independently owned consumer electronics retailers servicing photographers and videographers, as well as content creators including gamers, streamers, vloggers, podcasters and others, we feel uniquely positioned to invite both photographers and artificial intelligence creators to settle the debate that was created by this controversy,” digiDirect general manager, Haig Kayserian said.

“We are delighted to be partnering with photographers, who are also brand ambassadors at Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Panasonic and Nikon, who will judge the ultimate winner of the digiDirect ‘Human V Machine’ image contest.”

To enter, follow the instructions on the entry page ( and submit by 26 February 2023. A winner will be announced in the week of 6 March 2023.