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By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: International Dynamics Australasia (IDA) has today announced the launch of the new L’Océan stereo speaker system – two 130-centimetre tall speakers that weigh in at 120 kilograms and are available on special order for the princely sum of $129,000.

The L’Océan loudspeakers are made by high-end speaker brand Cabasse, in design collaboration with camera manufacturer Canon, and feature a similar design to the company’s La Sphere loudspeakers that were launched in Melbourne earlier in 2011.

According to an IDA spokesperson, “the L’Océan system includes two exceptionally designed loudspeakers that will please music and sound lovers everywhere with its performance beyond expectations and its distinctive elegance.”

The loudspeakers feature a 4-way coaxial unit that comprises a built-in 38-centimetre woofer with a honeycomb dome diaphragm, as well as 4 digital amplifiers integrated into the base (from 250 to 1000 watts) that offer a 117 decibel sound pressure level. The speakers also integrate the Cabasse Room Compensation System that ensures good sound quality, no matter the acoustics of the room.

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The audio signal is carried in full digital format to amplifiers in the speakers, via a preamplifier that offers digital and analogue inputs. This ensures that analogue signals can be digitalised and processed before being played on the speakers, making the speakers Cabasse’s first full digital SCS (single channel simulcast) system.

“By joining the acoustical mastery of Cabasse, the competence in electronics and industrial know-how of Canon and their complementary expertise in digital signal processing, Cabasse can propose for the first time a fully digital intelligent system,” said the IDA spokesperson. “L’Océan is a masterpiece, and another milestone in Cabasse’s strategy for excellence."

Cabasse's L’Océan speakers – designed in collaboration with Canon.