By Patrick Avenell

Currently battling it out in court, Apple and Samsung will soon go head-to-head in the music industry, with Samsung launching its Music Hub service in Sydney on Thursday.

Already available in North American and European markets, Music Hub provides streaming and purchasing of around 13 million tracks.

“Samsung’s Music Hub provides an intuitive playback system while you search, discover, preview, purchase and download tracks on the go,” according to Samsung. “The app will also provide you with the viewing experience for rich information, with access to all the artist bios, discographies and reviews you desire. Get recommendations on hot and new albums and add to the excitement with the virtual 5.1 channel sound.”

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Samsung has signed up three of the four major record labels: EMI, Universal and Warner.

Heretofore, Apple has enjoyed a virtual monopoly on hardware integrated music sales. One of the biggest music retailers in the world and, by some measurements the biggest, the iTunes Store has provided Apple with a full vertical market to attract customers to its iPod, iPhone and iPad products.

Once launched, Music Hub will offer both streaming and sales, immediately challenging both Apple and Sony in these markets. As a sign of how much publicity Samsung wants from this announcement, it has booked Pete Murray, the Potbelleez and Faker to play the launch party.

The poster promoting Music Hub's launch.