By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Appliances Online was established in 2005 as a stand-alone entity from the Winnings Appliances brick and mortar business, both owned and operated by the same family. John Winning said that despite both businesses bouncing their customer service reputation off of each other, the key differences are opportunistic.

“When I was just 21, after driving delivery trucks for my family’s business, I was able to assess the retail landscape and saw the future and potential of online retail,” Winning told

“I recognised online retail as targeting a huge un-capped market. Initially, we started selling replacement items to consumers who needed to replace appliances at a moment’s notice, but within a few years, we have become the largest national online retailer of whitegoods and appliances, selling more brands than any other retailer operating in this space.”

Winnings Appliances is based in New South Wales only and Winning said that since it caters to a completely different market the two are not direct competitors.

In the six years of operation growth has been exponential: Appliances Online has established 4 major warehouses in major cities, doubled both profit and revenue by more than 100 per cent every year, doubled the number of employees to 50 (including 10 new hires since January 2011) and will soon expand the customer support team, which is already open 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. Winning stresses the importance of customer service for both operations.

“The main similarity is that Appliances Online replicates the incredibly high level of customer service that Winning Appliances has built a reputation for over the past 100 years.”

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But it’s the nitty gritty that sets the online store apart from the rest and sets the pace for expansion. “We are constantly innovating based on customer feedback, such as implementing 360-degree imaging technology to enhance the online customer experience.

“We have also recently implemented same-day delivery to some metropolitan areas, and offering convenient payment options including pay-on delivery for those who don’t wish to provide their details online. Part of our service also involves recycling all packaging upon delivery, connecting new items and removing unwanted appliances to be recycled.”