De’Longhi is launching the virtual Coffee Lounge to educate consumers about coffee by providing tools and knowledge that will enhance their at-home coffee experience.

According to De’Longhi Australia marketing director, George O’Neil, the Coffee Lounge is designed to help people who are still learning their way through the world of coffee, as well as more experienced coffee aficionados who want to refine their skills.

“It is a resource developed to educate people on the finer aspects of quality coffee, beans, milks and machines and how anyone can bring this together for their at-home coffee experience,” he said.

“Live from today, our virtual Coffee Lounge is a safe space to explore and learn with online tutorial content and soon-to-launch masterclasses, in combination with our coffee roaster partners.

“The Coffee Lounge will also take form in a physical space with an expected opening by early November. Located in Sydney’s Zetland, it will be the world’s first De’Longhi Coffee Experience Centre and a place for consumers to get hands-on with our machines, as well as learn and explore with in-person masterclasses.

“Developed in partnership with our coffee roaster partners including Criteria Coffee, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, Industry Beans, Brasileiro Coffee, Veneziano Coffee Roasters and KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters, they will also have an opportunity to share their brands through our space.”

De’Longhi Australia CEO, Paolo Albertoni said the company’s investment in a series of activities reflects its support of the coffee market.

“In addition to our first global campaign featuring our first brand ambassador, we have partnered with another Italian powerhouse, Nutella and launched the Coffee Lounge in a virtual setting with the physical environment – a world-first for the De’Longhi Group in Australia – to be open soon.

“We are also introducing our new La Specialista Arte with Australia being the first market for the launch. This is a testament to the support that the group is giving to Australia and the importance of our region. This product has been developed with the Australian consumer in mind and we believe it is a true game changer.”