By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sony Australia has released two new ‘eco-Bravia’ LCD TVs in 40-inch (RRP $3,199) and 46-inch (RRP $3,799) with energy saving features for the ‘green’ consumer which are available to retailers from May.

The WE5 models feature 4.5 energy stars (40-inch) and 5 energy stars (46-inch) which is achieved using the world’s first micro-tubular Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) backlight which uses 40 per cent less energy while maintaining the same level of brightness compared to conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) LCD TVs.

Other features include a Presence Sensor which can sense when a viewer has left the room and automatically switches the TV picture off while leaving the sound on – reducing power consumption by 50 per cent as well as an Energy Saving Switch which allows the user to shut off the TV’s power, without having to unplug the AC cord from the mains. This cuts standby mode power consumption to less than 0.0001W.

“The WE5 consumes less power than two typical incandescent light bulbs, which translates into both significant cost and also energy savings for those consumers who are concerned about the environment,” said Sony Australia product manager – visual display, Jan Ergen.

“With the digital switchover looming, the WE5 provides a more environmentally aware choice for consumers that want to upgrade to a high definition TV.”

According to Arron Wood, the Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year in 2007, “It is vital that business and industry lead the way in developing environmental technologies that allow us to do more with less.

“Every individual must understand that it is within their power to reduce their personal energy consumption. Through innovation, education and by taking action, we can secure a bright and compelling future for generations to come.”

During production of the WE5 Bravia models, lead-free solder and environmentally safe chemicals are used and packaging materials were significantly reduced.