David Jones is among other major brands that have integrated personalised, online gifting technology into its Mother’s Day campaigns.

Melbourne tech start-up gift flick is an innovative e-commerce plug-in that enables consumers to virtually send any product or gift voucher in an e-tailer’s store. The gift experience can then be sent via the messaging channel of the customer’s choice whenever the time is right.

Gifts are revealed within a gift flick gift story that features a personalised message, photo and/or video, which are integrated into an animated or filmed story. Typically, these are 45 seconds to one minute in length.

gift flick co-founder and chief marketing officer, Helen Marsh says the aim is to remove the anxiety of shopping before the shipping window cut-off date and replace that with a positive, creative new way for consumers to reveal physical gifts through a personalised digital experience.

“The gift flickexperience puts the focus on the thoughtful selection and the relationship between the gifter and the receiver and leaves the retailer’s logistics company to deal with the logistical task of shipping of the physical items,” she said.

“From a tech perspective, we’ve made this incredibly easy to set up. Built as a lightweight API, gift flickservers do all the work so there’s no impact to website loading times and the experience is embedded entirely within the existing customer purchase journey. We can integrate the technology into existing e-commerce platforms within just one week.

“Brands, retailers and their creative partners can use this white label tech to create bespoke seasonal or evergreen customisable gift stories opening up a whole new creative channel that delivers extra value to customers. 

“And while there are no extra costs for customers, gift flick is also a highly cost-effective channel for brands, with charges only incurred by retailers as sales are converted.”

The David Jones ‘You’re My World’ gift story uses vintage map iconography to represent the distance that can exist between people and their mothers and enables the gift buyer to share personal photos or video messages as well as text to reveal an e-gift card. It also features one of the ‘Friends of David Jones’, Nicole Warne, interacting with women in her world.

David Jones general manager for marketing communications, Georgia Hack said, “Near or far, a mother’s love is powerful. Transcending borders and time zones, it’s an unwavering emotion. This Mother’s Day we are encouraging our customer to show their mother, or the mother figure in their life, that ‘she’s your world’ with a personalised e-gift card from gift flick.

“This simple to use smart technology is able to connect the customer to their mother or mother figure in a way that is personalised and emotive, two key factors which are imperative to building brand loyalty.”